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Panrex brad and finish nailers feature quick and easy side loading. Other special features of our brad and finish nailers include:

  1. NO-MAR contact tip for a perfect finish.
  2. Adjustable air deflector.
  3. Built-in sound reducer
  4. A patented design of double firing prevention. The operator can choose single or contact firing (U.S. Patent: 6419140).
  5. A nail-driving with safety device: slim nose, easy aim (U.S. Patent: 6450387)
  6. Depth-of-drive adjustment (U.S. Patent: 6866177)
  7. Unique dry-fire lock design (U.S. Patent: 7004368)
  8. Patented driver design for durable use

Wood trim working, decorative moldings fastening, cabinetry, and DIY home improvement projects

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