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Panrex’s flooring nailers are ideal for both thinner and hard woods. They can be used in removing cleats and staples from the floor or fitting new cleats and staples without any extra tools. These flooring nailers and staplers have an ergonomic design featuring a comfortable grip and are available with a long or short handle. They also allow the operator to use the tool in a natural standing posture. Our floor nailers are suitable for fastening T cleats, L cleats and staplers. The following special features also give flooring nailers extra advantages:

  1. An adjustable roller system that makes flooring easy, fast, and accurate.
  2. Patented inside parts design for durable and safe operation (U.S. Patent: 7213735; AU Patent: 2007214318).
  3. Special magazine design for easy loading and operation.

Finally, a bag for a mallet and service parts help you carry the flooring fastening system everywhere.

Installing hardwood flooring, sub-flooring

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